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The mission of The Torch Blog USA is to offer an additional forum where we can come and continually be reminded of our potential for greatness as human beings, and our unlimited capacity for goodness.

I am attempting to play my part in this greater mission of expanded awareness of the human spirit through this and other formats.  

Our core believes should support all of our attempts.

  • Empathy 
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

In the spirit of transparency you should know that our blog will integrate many facets or my life, all of which are encapsulated in the three things that I love; My God, My Wife and Family, My Country.   I belive that all of my experience are captured under one or a combination of these interrelated loves.   In other words, if I care for my wife we are both made better if we support each other, in this way a serve my God and strengthen my country.  If I serve my God I serve my family and country, if I serve my country it supports my family and serves my God etc … I believe that all actions build or take away from our development as human beings.

I am a Catholic Christian married man, I have children and a granddaughter, and I am a small business owner.  As a small business owner I will be integrating our blogging experiences within our business marketing plan as I believe it serves my God, supports my family, strengthens our nation.  As I’ve said, I believe that all of our life experiences necessarily make us who we are and attempting  to manage or compartmentalize all these aspects creates an undue bourdon on communication.  

I will attempt to make it clear where I’m coming from and would urge all who interact with us to do the same, it just makes it so much easier to advance conversation.

We encourage your commentary and interaction with us, I trust that together we can continue to build our life experience for the good of all.

…..  Albert


An open letter in response to the article published by the National Review titled “An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics”

As the distinguished signatories point out in the aforementioned article, the Republican Party has been a vehicle for promoting cause at the center of Catholic social concern, but this vehicle seems to have stalled if at least for the last eight years, and no one seems to be at the wheel.

Regarding four points noted at its opening;

  • Culture of Death

I do not believe any candidates have promulgated their views or any position regarding euthanasia, they have all acknowledge that they are against abortion with varying degrees of compliance, (of which a general strategy to end abortion seems not have been developed) and the majority of the GOP seems to stand for capital punishment. As to the more “subtitle” ongoing secular issues of the culture of death (culture dealing with sin), the GOP seems to be somewhat neutral.

  • Religious Freedom

The GOP has been impotent in stopping any if not all of President Obamas’ agenda with the greatest threat to our Religious Freedom coming with the passing of the Affordable Care Act which is proving the be the greatest threat to religious freedom arguable in our life time and somewhat beyond. As Catholics Republicans we should all assess our role in this support.

  • Marriage Culture

The GOP has shown nothing but political pandering and weakness on this defining issue, choosing the road of least resistance in pushing the matter to the states, when in essence the matter from a GOP perspective you could argue should be a constitutional issue.

Not to mention the inability (due likely to political correctness) to push forward a national debate that went missing over the last four decades as to the origin our human sexuality and orientation thereof.   We have moved forward on “marriage equality” without a scientific and or a natural moral law understand or our sexual nature.

  • Catholic Principle of Subsidiary

On this matter is perhaps the greatest threat to our existence as a nation, a true existential threat.

The fact that the human person truly is the center of every social organization, we could argue every organization in our country is now threaten by the seemingly uncontrollable threats unfolding throughout the world by radical Islamic terrorism and a deterioration of relationships with our historical allies.

One only needs to look to Europe to understand the grave threat that the world is facing.  I cannot believe there are many people throughout the world today that do not believe that mass migrations unfolding (the human misery unfolding arguable being taken advantage of by our enemies) will likely ultimately lead to mass chaos thorough out the European Union.

We will struggle to empower our local authorities if the very security of our homeland is overrun.

This is the very reason why now, our own immigration problem (which has gone unresolved by our GOP in four decades or so) is now more then only an immigration problem.  With true moral consequences to millions of people, immigration is now a prominent national security issue.

It is no longer about uncontrolled illegal immigration feed by an insatiable appetite for cheep labor and advocated through open boarder groups.  Now it is a very real possibility that the infiltration of terrorist groups and Middle East style terrorist attacks could trigger mass uncontrollable migration into our nation via our southern border.

We are called to protect our nation, we can disagree as to how best to proceed, but to call into question the Christianity of a voter for supporting Donald J Trump against the background of all that I have highlighted borders on the height of hypocrisy and if I dare to say theological tyranny.

You see, the question of morality has suddenly taken up residence at a higher plane.

This speaks to critique of the so called appeal to “His (DJT) racial and ethnic fears and prejudice (which) are offensive to any genuinely Catholic sensibility”.

I believe that it is reasonable and can be viewed as not an appeal to fear, but proposal from a man that believes he can play the leaders role in stopping the very true existential threats we face to the our nation if not the world.

I believe I have highlighted sufficiently above that there is ground to have an open mind that Mr. Trump is appealing to a call for a true and full throated “American” solution to the matter.   A country I will note, that has stood in the light since its inception.

As Catholics most assuredly we all need to appeal to the greater good, as we must look at all matters from the point of view of our transcendent nature. But we can surely agree that we may have a variety of positions and opinions from within our faith perspective provided we are all grounded in the person of Jesus Christ.

At the risk of moralizing the gospel … Jesus Christ understands that the time and day to the end of our time as we now it, belongs to His (our) Father only, he just prays that we can live in this world without being part of this world, and called us to give what is of God to God and what is of Caesar to Caesar. As Christian we understand seemingly well what is of God, but I believe as lay faithful we do not address as effectively in human terms what we are called to give to our government, during this waiting.

I believe as Catholics it’s time for us to take personal responsibility and look within our own-self in determining the “Vulgarity” that we are living in.  How much personal culpability do we personally have in the state of decline of our cultures? I personally seem to be reminded of this “Vulgarity” every month in the confessional when I must appeal to God’s mercy for the forgiveness of my sins … which as we know is never a private matter.

I argue and stand firm in my convection as a Catholic, that Donald J Trump is the only candidate which has demonstrated the strength of character which seems to have been needed to bring many of these thoughts in many minds to the fore front.

Furthermore It seems somewhat inconsistent to think that this indomitable character to forge ahead and continue to open the road for a primary win would change in the general the election.

All this does not address the argument of his protractors of inconstancies and the accusation of tyrannical tendencies.

I would argue that a man’s vantage point changes with age and further argue that most of us will not achieve the vantage point of which he now sees his life.  Surly a person in a presidential candidacy run will experience an overwhelming understanding of the reality of responsibility that comes with the oval office.

One last but critical point as to the man and his potential for change and growth.

Donald J. Trumps’ soul has been indelible marked by the Holy Spirit at his baptism (he is a Protestant … Presbyterian to be exact), and I think that with an exceptional nation and one as critical as the United States of America is to a free world order, to think that the Holy Spirit is not engaged with Donald Trump and pushing on the matters of concern is simple naive.

The Republican Party platform will once again be formed in negotiations with party members and consultant representatives. I call on all party leaders of old and new to consider an engagement with Donald Trump for primary purpose of the shaping the platform of the new GOP which will emerge with a Trump win.

Ironically and perhaps by divine providence the Popes recent correct comment on building a wall without bridges, could be applied to all of us in the GOP and establishment factions in our nation. We cannot be Christian and build a wall around Donald J. Trump without building bridges at this point to his candidacy.

In closing, what I truly believe is genuinely offensive to Catholic sensibility is the thought that men and women of good will are called to reject the candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination of Donald J Trump.

We can have a variety of viewpoints but together we can make America great again, and truly make it a new American century.


Alberto M. Espinosa Sr.

Republican Catholic Christian

Pope John Paul II


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Correct morality concerns all aspects of our life – our relationships with family and friends, as well as with those whom we meet or work.   It is in being people of integrity that we are pleasing to the Lord: ready to meet him in prayer and liturgical celebration.

Pope John Paul II


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It is important for media personalities to be men and women of integrity and of sound moral character worthy of the respect which is paid them and of the trust which is given them.  In short, the world should be enriched by their skill and artistry, but also by their goodness.

Pope John Paul II


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 The world will only be transformed if men and women of good will, and whole nations, genuinely accept that the only path worthy of the human family is the path of peace, of mutual respect, under-standing, and love, and solidarity with those in need.

Pope John Paul II


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 The family, the great workshop of love, is the first school, indeed, a lasting school where people are not taught to love with barren ideas, but with the incisive power of experience.  may every family truly rediscover its own vocation to love!

Pope John Paul II


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 The highest degree of self-knowledge is obtained in “contemplation,” by which man returns deeply into himself, recognizes himself as the divine image, and purifying himself of sin, meets the living God to the point of becoming “divine” himself by the gift of grace.