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My name is Alberto Espinosa Sr., and this is my first blog post.

  •  Why I’ll blog

As many small business owners with little more than a users knowledge of technology, I have been steadily increasing my interest in the now intrenched social media phenomena to help promote my business, and perhaps strengthen some personal relationships.  But the deeper I go into this cyber-world the more attracted I get to the personal growth possibilities, not only from a personal view, but also from a societal view.   Having an extra way to impact others, at what ever level by contributing to the continued building of our exceptionally great, free, and the traditionally honorable American society is inspiring to me.

  • What I’ll blog about
  • My God
  • My Wife and Family
  • My Country

Pretty much this is the order of the loves in my life: I love my God, I love my wife and family, I love my country.

  • My communication style

I am a great believer in transparency, I believe that human nature by design is good.  Therefore I’ve come to understand that the greater the sense of honesty you can transmit to your fellow-man the higher the potential for an advancement of understanding and subsequent growth that could be achieved.

Our country is in desperate need of core communication and my intention is to contribute to this need.

For now I will close, but I am truly looking forward to joining the discourse,  I trust for the good of all.

Best Regards …..  Albert